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G&G Empowerment Group (GGEG) is a Christian-based organization dedicated to the empowerment, support, and encouragement of African American women between the ages of 18-26. 

Through monthly devotionals, retreats, workshops, community service and many other activities, GGEG strives to enhance each member’s relationship with God and form everlasting relationships. We consider GGEG to be a "safe space" and "no judgement zone" for young women to discuss social issues, stigmas in the Black community, mental health issues, healthy relationships, etc.

Our reason for gathering is to not only grow as individuals but to support each of our 'sisters' through all of life's trials, tribulations, and successes.


GGEG is based on Matthew 18:20 "For where two or three are gathered in My name [meeting together as My followers], I am there among them." 




We encourage our members to form a closer relationship with Christ while forming relationships with their sisters 


We empower our members to invest in their personal 

well-being and give back to their community



We support our sisters by providing a safe space for them to talk about their problems throughout their spiritual and personal journey



We serve God in all that we do and take care of our neighbors



As God’s children, we are responsible for sharing

The Good News with those around us

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